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Should I Pay My Contractor Upfront?

NO!!! You should NEVER pay a contractor upfront. It is best to pay half of the contract ONLY after materials have been delivered to YOUR PROPERTY. Paying upfront is the easiest way to be scammed or ripped off! If your contractor needs money upfront, it's a very high possibility that they do not have the appropriate funds to be handling many projects. This is important because if something were to go wrong, they won't have the money to fix the damages. Be smart and play it safe, it's too much money to lose.

If My Homeowners Insurance Claim Was Denied, Is There Anything I Can Do?

Yes! 100% of insurance companies first payouts are low (on purpose). Unfortunately, insurance carriers will try to deny most insurance claims on the initial visit and convince the property owner that there's nothing they can do, or, they will pay for things that equal the homeowners deductible or a little higher. The best option is to hire a good contractor to take a look at the property and verify the insurance adjusters findings.  

How Do I Know If My Insurance Payout For Property Damage Is Low?

You will need to take a look at the Xactimate Estimate your insurance carrier provides to you. If you don't have it, just call your adjuster and have them email it to you (stay on the phone with them until you recieve it). If you have roof damage, your roofing section should have a MINIMUM of 9 different line items. If you have interior damage from a roof leak, your interior section should have a MINIMUM of  6 line items (for each individual room). IMPORTANT NOTE: While you should have a minimum of those line items, remember, a good contractor will hold the insurance carrier accountable and have the carrier add in what they're missing. Roofing Sections should end up having about 15-20 line items. Interior Sections should end up having 10-15 line items.

My Contractor Wants Me To Sign A Contract Before He Can Help Me, Is That Ok?

Be very careful of what you're signing! Most reputable contracting companies will only have you sign a Contingency Agreement. Contingency Agreements are ok because it allows them permission to speak with the insurance company on your behalf, while only locking you in as their customer IF the insurance carrier approves their Xactimate Estimate. Very Safe! IMPORTANT NOTE: Your insurance carrier might tell you not to sign anything, but that is a ruse (a trick). Most reputable companies want to know they are going to get to do the work if they get approval from the insurance carrier. Also, most insurance companies will tell a property owner not to sign anything, but they won't speak to a contractor unless they have an agreement signed. It's a catch 22 that they create. Just do your research and ONLY SIGN A CONTINGENCY AGREEMENT.

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